lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

the Silver Screen Cowboys

Golden Age Comics and Photo Album Memories of Our Saturday Matinee Idols
Running to the store to get the latest western comics. Standing in line for the matinee on at the "State Theater " getting our weekend dose of Gene, Hoppy, Roy , Rocky, Lash or Whip. Then came TV in the fifties we had bunch of new heroes Cisco Kid and Pancho, Roy, Dale and Pat Brady. Gene and Pat Butram. Hoppy had his show too then came "Tales of Wells Fargo" with Dale Robertson, Richard Boone as Paladin, in "Have Gun, Will Travel" and Chuck Connors as Lucas McCain in the "Rifleman". Then came "Cheyenne" with Clint Walker, "Wagon Train" with Ward Bond, "Sugarfoot" with Will Hutchins and James Arness in "Gunsmoke", Gail Davis in "Annie Oakley", Dick Jones in "Buffalo Bill Jr." Jock Mahoney in "Range Rider", "Bonanza" with Lorne Greene as Ben, Dan Blocker as Hoss, Pennel Roberts as Adam, Michael Landon as "Little Joe" Thanks to Robert C. from Manitoba, Canada for supplying most of these wonderful pictures and Gene Autry comics by Ed Phillips, present day picture of Dick Jones by Bill Sasser.

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Jesus el Rocker dijo...

Me gusta el blog pero.. ¿no crees que debería fusionarlo con le bloginroll? De todas formas enhorabuena (¿escribirás en castellano más en el futuro?). Un abrazo.

MANUEL dijo...

Gracias Jesus. estoy liado con el curro y no rtengo much tiempo, la idea es hacer algo diferente en cada uno, estoy trabajando en ello tambien.