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Models and Body Styles for the 1953 Chevrolets

Models and Body Styles for the 1953 Chevrolets

The 1953 Chevrolets cars came in 3 styles.  The higher end "Bel-Air" Series, the mid range "210 Series", and the economy range "150 Series".   There were 16 models in all. 


The Bel-Air Series

These were the deluxe models for Chevrolet in 1953.  Signified by more trim and a few more options like automatic transmission, radio, and heater as standard equipment. 


The 210 Series

These were the mid range models for Chevrolet.  They did not have the fancy Bel-Air script and trim.

  But, it did come in wagons and have significantly more trim than the 150 Series. 

The 150 Series

These were the basic models for Chevrolet.  These did not have much exterior trim other than the gravel shield. 

 In addition, the interiors were pretty basic.

Gene Vincent's "Be-Bop-A-lula" was released 1956.

Gene Vincent's "Be-Bop-A-lula" was released 1956.


Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps

Written by: Vincent, Bill Davis
Produced by: Ken Nelson
Released: May '56 on Capitol
Charts: 20 weeks
Top Spot: No. 7

With Vincent's echo-soaked voice, Cliff Gallup's high-reverb guitar and fifteen-year-old drummer Dickie Harrell's wildcat screams, "Be-Bop-A-Lula" went to Number Seven in 1956. Vincent signed to Capitol, which had been hunting for an Elvis-type singer. A restless sort, Vincent joined the Navy underage and nearly had his leg amputated after a motorcycle crackup. He reportedly wrote "Be-Bop-A-Lula" with a fellow patient while recuperating at a naval hospital.



penúltima actuación de Johnny Cash -
John Carter Cash recuerda jugando con su padre, Johnny, en el año 2003

John Carter Cash recuerda jugando con su padre, Johnny, en 2003. [Foto: Daniel Coston]

Por Jessica Salter 06:30 AM CET 28 de mayo 2011

"En esta foto estoy ayudando a mi padre ajustar su guitarra mientras se prepara para su penúltima actuación. Era el final de junio de 2003 y fue el escenario en el Doble Carter Family, una sala de conciertos en el Hilton, Virginia, que se creó en la década de 1970 por mi primo Janette Carter, la hija de AP y Sara Carter. Junto con la tía de Janette Maybelle eran conocidos como la Primera Familia de la Música Country. Mi papá tocaba en el escenario con mi esposa, Lara y yo. En este punto, 71 años de edad, su salud le estaba fallando - había neuropatía autonómica, la desintegración de los nervios, y su vista se estaba deteriorando gravemente Se había retirado de la carretera en 1997, por lo que se trataba de una ejecución pública raro Pero no se detuvo.. . haciendo música todo caso, él escribió más - que fue lo que lo llevó.

El original de la familia Carter - AP, Sara y Maybelle - lanzado más de 300 canciones. Mi madre, June, quien era la hija de Maybelle, comenzó a grabar con ellos en 1939, cuando tenía 10 años. Así que ella ya era una estrella cuando conoció a mi papá en 1955, entre bastidores en el Grand Ole Opry en Nashville. Mi padre comenzó a actuar con Maybelle, mi madre y sus hermanas Helen y Anita, en la década de 1960, y más tarde con sólo mi madre - su dúo Jackson ganó un premio Grammy en 1967. Al año siguiente le propuso matrimonio en directo en el escenario.

Yo había sido la música alimentados con cuchara desde mis primeros años. Mi padre cantaba A Boy Named Sue, una canción grabada en 1969 en el apogeo de su fama y, a continuación, decía a la multitud: "Bueno, yo tenía un niño, pero yo no le había llamado Sue. Yo lo llamaba John Carter Cash, y aquí está. " Yo sabía que era mi momento para salir y hacer una reverencia.

Yo como que daba por sentado que todos los padres que se había apreciado y admirado. Pero a pesar de que fueron estas grandes estrellas que fueron queridos en todo el mundo, fueron los padres brillantes. Mi padre era un hombre amable y tierno. Hubo momentos en su vida cuando se trataba de la adicción y que podía ser distante, y no se sabe quién es el hombre sería de un día para otro. Es un error muy común que cuando se incorporó en 1968 se quedó limpia para el resto de su vida, pero eso no es cierto. Regresó a la adicción a 10 años más tarde y trató con él de vez en cuando para el resto de su vida - en cierto modo era peor en la década de 1980 que en la década de 1960. Pero mi madre siempre estuvo ahí para apoyarlo cuando decidió estar limpio.

En los últimos cinco años de su vida de mis padres estaban más cerca que nunca.Cuando mi madre murió en mayo de 2003 una gran parte de él fue con ella, y para los últimos meses de su vida de mi padre era muy solitario. Al final su cuerpo se rindió y el 12 de septiembre falleció debido a complicaciones con su diabetes. Echo de menos a mis padres todos los días pero me he acostumbrado a encender sus voces sin ellos estar allí. "


May 30th: On this Day In Music History

May 30th: On this Day In Music History

1955, Elvis Presley appeared at the Fair Park Auditorium, Abilene, Texas.
1964, The Beatles went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Love Me Do', the group's fourth
US No.1 in five months.
The version released in America had Andy White playing drums while Ringo played the tambourine.
The British single
was a take on which Ringo played the drums.
1965, The Rolling Stones played the final night of a US tour at the New York Academy of Music.
During the afternoon the band recorded six songs for the Clay Pole TV show.
1966, US country singer, songwriter Dolly Parton married Carl Dean in Catoosa County, Georgia.
1966, The Who appeared at Sincil Bank Football Ground, Lincoln, England.
1966, The Doors appeared at the Hullabaloo, West Hollywood, California.
1968, The Beatles began recording what became known as the White Album. The double-LP whose
official title was simply 'The Beatles' became the first Beatles album released with the Apple label.
The first track they recorded was 'Revolution'.
1969, Pink Floyd appeared at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon, England.
1969, Led Zeppelin played the first of two nights at The Fillmore East in New York City.
1970, Ray Stevens went to No.1 on the US singles chart with 'Everything Is Beautiful'. The former DJ
had a string of novelty hits, including 'Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated Quick Dissolving Fast Acting Pleasant
Tasting Green & Purple Pill'.
1972, Slade with Status Quo as support appeared at The Free Trade Hall, Manchester. Tickets priced at 65p.
1974, Bernadette Whelan a 14 year-old David Cassidy fan died of heart failure four days after attending a concert
of his. Over 1,000 other fans had to be given first aid during the White City Stadium show.
1976, The Sex Pistols appeared at Reading University, Reading, England.
1980, Carl Radle bass player with Derek and the Dominoes died of kidney failure aged 38. Also worked with
Gary Lewis & the Playboys, George Harrison, Joe Cocker, Dave Mason & Delaney and Bonnie.
1987, Adam Horovitz from The Beastie Boys was arrested while on tour after a beer can hit a fan during a disturbance
in Liverpool, England.
1987, David Bowie kicked off his 87-date Glass Spider world tour at the Feynoord Stadium, Rotterdam, Holland.
1988, Leonard Cohen played the first of three sold out nights at London's Royal Albert Hall.
1991, Morrissey played the first date on his debut 'Kill Uncle' US concert tour at San Diego Sports Arena, California.
1992, Singer, songwriter Paul Simon married singer Edie Brickell.
1992, The Black Crowes went to No.1 on the US album chart with 'The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion'.
1996, Alan Whitaker from Penzance appeared on the UK TV quiz show Mastermind, his specialist subject
being The Sex Pistols. He won a place in the semi-final of the show answering all but one of the 18 questions correctly.
2002, Diana Ross voluntarily entered a Malibu drug and alcohol rehabilitation center called Promises to "clear up
some personal issues" before setting out on a summer concert tour.
2003, Singer Finley Quaye was threatened with jail after his mobile phone rang when he was in the dock
waiting to be sentenced on charges of assault. After being found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend
he was ordered to attend a six-month domestic violence programme by a district Judge.
2004, Madonna was forced to pay out £250,000 in a lawsuit after copying ideas by the late French erotic
photographer Guy Burton. Madonna had admitted that the video for her song 'Hollywood' was inspired by Burton.
2005, Coldplay's new album was illegally put on the internet a week before its UK and US release.
The leak took place on the day copies were sent to UK radio stations and the day before it went on
sale in Japan. Security measures around the release included hosting album playbacks at Abbey Road studios
for journalists instead of sending them copies of the album, any CDs that were sent out were labelled
with a false name - The Fir Trees - to throw would-be pirates off the scent.
2007, a coroner told the murder trial of music producer Phil Spector that US actress Lana Clarkson's death
was a homicide. Dr Louis Pena said bruising suggested the barrel of a gun may have been forced into
Ms Clarkson's mouth before she was fatally shot in 2003. Spector was accused of murdering Clarkson
on 3 February 2003 at his home in California.
2007, A leaked copy of the new White Stripes album 'Icky Thump' was played completely on
Chicago's radio station Q101-WKQX. Jack White personally called the US radio station from Spain,
where he was touring, to voice his displeasure.
2007, Britney Spears said she "truly hit rock bottom" when she went to rehab earlier this year.
In a message on her website, the singer wrote that she "genuinely did not know what to do
with myself" following her split from husband Kevin Federline. The 25 year old singer entered
a Malibu treatment facility in February after months of partying which ended with the singer shaving
off all her hair.
2008, Music mogul Simon Fuller married his long-term girlfriend Natalie Swanston at a ceremony in
California's Napa Valley. Guests at the wedding included Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton,
Geri Halliwell and Annie Lennox. Earlier this year Billboard magazine named him the "most
successful British music manager of all time", with an estimated fortune of $450m (£229m).
2008, Green Day went to No.1 on the US album chart with '21st Century Breakdown' the bands
eighth studio album.
2009, Mick Jagger offered to buy an ice cream van but was turned down by its owner - who'd
promised his daughter he would drive her to her wedding in it. Guiseppe Della Camera, had spent
ten years restoring the rusting van to perfection after he spotted it on a farm - being used as a
chicken shed. The restoration was such a success Sir Mick offered to buy the vehicle when he saw it
at a show on Wandsworth Common. Camera said, 'Jagger told me he'd really fallen in love with
my van and asked me if I would consider selling it. I was stunned when he offered me £100,000.
2009, An oil painting depicting Madonna in the nude with her ex-husband Guy Ritchie failed to meet
the reserve price of £15,000 at auction in Glasgow. Scottish artist Peter Howson had produced several
portraits of the pop icon in a state of undress.
2009, Ozzy Osbourne was suing the band's guitarist Tony Iommi over royalty payments.
The 60-year-old had accused Iommi of falsely claiming to have sole rights to the band's name
which has cost him royalties from merchandise sales. Osbourne was seeking unspecified damages,
lost profits and a declaration he is a half-owner of the trademark. Iommi claims Osbourne legally
relinquished rights to the band's name in the 1980s. Osbourne said he believed all four original members
of the band should share Black Sabbath's name equally.
May 30th: Born on this day
1944, Born on this day, Lenny Davidson, Dave Clark Five, (1964 UK No.1 single 'Glad All Over',
1965 US No.1 single 'Over And Over' plus 15 other UK Top 15 singles).
1955, Born on this day, Nicky 'Topper' Headon, The Clash, (1979 UK No. 11 single 'London Calling',
1982 US No. 8 single 'Rock The Casbah, 1991 UK No.1 single 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go',
first released 1982, plus 15 other UK Top 40 singles).
1960, Born on this day, Stephen Duffy, singer, songwriter, guitarist, founding member of
Duran Duran with John Taylor and Nick Rhodes (left in 1979). Member of Lilac Time, Me Me Me,
(1996 UK No.19 singe 'Hanging Around'), solo, (1985 UK No.4 single 'Kiss Me').
1964, Born on this day, Tom Morello, guitar, Rage Against The Machine, (1996 US No.1 album 'Evil Empire').
Audioslave (2005 US No.1 album 'Out of Exile').
1967, Born on this day, Sven Pipien, bass, The Black Crowes.
1968, Born on this day, Tim Burgess, vocals, The Charlatans, (1990 UK No.9 single 'The Only One I Know',
1996 UK No.3 single 'One To Another', plus 3 UK No.1 albums). And solo.
1971, Born on this day, Patrick Dalheimer, bassist, Live, (1997 US No.1 album 'Secret Samadhi').
1974, Born on this day, Cee-Lo Green (Thomas Callaway), singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer,
Goodie Mob, Gnarls Barkley, (2006 UK No.1 & US No.2 single 'Crazy'), and solo.
Died on this day
1980, Carl Radle bass player with Derek and the Dominoes died of kidney failure aged 38. Also worked
with Gary Lewis & the Playboys, George Harrison, Joe Cocker, Dave Mason & Delaney and Bonnie.
2003, Record producer Mickie Most died aged 64. Member of The Most Brothers during late 50's, and
Mickie Most and the Playboys, produced hits for The Animals, Hermans Hermits, Donovan, Kim Wilde,
Lulu and Jeff Beck. Most ran his own record label RAK in the 1970's, having hits with Hot Chocolate, Suzi Quatro and Mud.