lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Models and Body Styles for the 1953 Chevrolets

Models and Body Styles for the 1953 Chevrolets

The 1953 Chevrolets cars came in 3 styles.  The higher end "Bel-Air" Series, the mid range "210 Series", and the economy range "150 Series".   There were 16 models in all. 


The Bel-Air Series

These were the deluxe models for Chevrolet in 1953.  Signified by more trim and a few more options like automatic transmission, radio, and heater as standard equipment. 


The 210 Series

These were the mid range models for Chevrolet.  They did not have the fancy Bel-Air script and trim.

  But, it did come in wagons and have significantly more trim than the 150 Series. 

The 150 Series

These were the basic models for Chevrolet.  These did not have much exterior trim other than the gravel shield. 

 In addition, the interiors were pretty basic.

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