lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009


October 12, 1955
Elvis performed at the Miland High School Auditorium, Midland, Texas.
October 12, 1956
Elvis performed at the Heart O' Texas Coliseum, Waco, Texas.
October 12, 1957
Elvis left Memphis for a Las Vegas vacation. He stayed at the Sahara Hotel and dated the exotic dancer Tempest Storm.
October 12, 1964
The principal photography on Tickle Me started.
October 12, 1969
Elvis and Priscilla, Vernon and Dee, the Esposito's, the Gambills and the Schillings returned to Los Angeles. The group had come up with the thought to spend their vacation in Europe. Every single one of them really wanted to go to Europe, and the ones without a passport went to arrange for one. The Colonel, however, argued with them that Elvis' European fans would never accept that Elvis would come to Europe as a tourist and not as a performer. So the plans changed and the bunch switched to the Bahamas.
October 12, 1970
Elvis flew to Las Vegas because there was delivered a new car.
October 12, 1973
Elvis and Linda arrived at Graceland, where Linda called Dr. Nichopoulos. Just the day before Elvis experienced some difficulty breathing, so Dr. Nichopoulos arranged for his nurse, Tish Henley, to care for Elvis at home.

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