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It's Lucky Seven For Jerry Lee Lewis



It's Lucky Seven For Jerry Lee Lewis

Keep running that play 'til you get it right.

Jerry Lee Lewis has married for the seventh time and, once again, he's keeping it in the family. Lewis married Judith Brown on March 9 in a secret ceremony in Natchez, Mississippi. Brown is a caretaker and the ex-wife of Jerry's cousin Rusty. It also turns out that Rusty's older sister is Myra Gale Brown whom Jerry married in 1957 when Myra was 13. The marriage is credited with being responsible for the downfall in Lewis' career.

Lewis' marriages:
  1. Dorothy Barton (February 1952 to October 1953) - Lewis was 14 when they married
  2. Jane Mitchum (September 1953 to October 1957) - Lewis married his second wife 23 days before the divorce from his first was final.
  3. Myra Gale Brown (December 1957 to December 1970) - Myra was 13 at the time although Lewis and his management said she was 15. The December date was their second ceremony as the first was held, once again, before his divorce from Mitchum was final. The couple had two children.
  4. Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate (October 1971 to August 1983) - Pate drowned in the couple's swimming pool.
  5. Shawn Stephens (June 1984 to August 1984) - Lewis lost Stephens when she died of a heroin overdose.
  6. Kerrie McCarver (1985 to 2004) - The couple had one child together.
  7. Judith Brown (2012 - )

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