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Johnny Cash Bootleg 4

Johnny Cash - Bootleg 4: The Soul of Truth

Thursday 29 March 2012 Laura Velte & Gunther Matejka

CD Cover: Johnny Cash - Bootleg 4: The Soul of Truth
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RedaktionswertungBewertung: 4,5 Sterne = sehr gut
Johnny Cash . That was not the only cool dog, the wild rebel. Not only was he the man in black with the incredible transparency of simultaneously fighting bitterly with his drug demons. He was also given at least from a time: a deeply religious man. Before the country and before the rock 'n' roll, gospel music came. His son, John Carter Cash should know, he writes in the liner notes to "Bootleg, Volume IV - The Soul of Truth": "If not for gospel music, there never would have been aJohnny Cash . "
Raised on a farm with hard work and little Arkansas luxury, has Johnny Cash early to know the power of Christian faith and his music learned. Although he was later removed by drugs and escapades of his faith, he is always returned to God and has never ceased to sing about him. The gospel, his musical roots, made him the first place for musicians icon. His gratitude: he later played no show without at least one gospel song.
A musical testimony of places this collection of his finest country gospel songs that are written between the late 70s and earlier 80s. Overall, "Bootleg, Volume IV - The Soul of Truth" 31 partly unpublished tracks - spread over two CDs. The first disc, produced by two different sizes of the Country, Jack Clement and Jack Routh (both on guitar and Routh in the title "The Greatest Cowboy of Them All" represented), in January and May 1979 in Nashville and in Cash's house in Hendersonville recorded. The first twenty titles were published in 1979 already as Cash's album "A Believer Sings The Truth" and also mark the centerpiece of this compilation. The second disk is shared by the producers of Charlie Bragg and Duane Allen (along with his band, The Oak Ridge Boys also represented as a backing vocalist), who were responsible for the first twelve tracks with Marty Stuart (from 1980 to 1985 Member of Johnny Cash's backing band) that is heard in the tracks produced by him and to himself as a virtuoso guitarist. The first part - taken mostly in October 1975 in Hendersonville - remained up on two tracks previously unreleased.
All in all, the compilation features three complete albums by Johnny Cash with additional excerpts from the recording sessions. In short, rare material for cash -disciples.
The songs themselves come in part from Cash's spring, but also songwriting greats from County and gospel with work. Just as well-known gospel singer and singer inside, including AP Carter and Wilkin Marijohn or Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Also singing is cash not on this collection alone. Whether with his wife June Carter Cash in the dark "He's Alive", with daughter Rosanne in the anthemic "When He Comes" or with the support of the entire Carter family at the cheerful tune "I'm A Newborn Man." For the nostalgic counterpoint makes the touching "Lay Me Down Dixie", the good mood is then equal to the spirited "Gospel Boogie" again - a fast rock 'n' roll. Other highlights of this special cash fair use: "I Was There When It Happened," a duet with Grant Marshall, Bill Monroe's "You're Drifting Away" and the autobiographical song "Over The Next Hill" and "In The Wings Morning. " It exudes Johnny Cash is a spiritual aura that one can hardly be closed.
Conclusion: Cash Goes Gospel. A positive, hopeful album by Man in Black. According to John Carter Cash , the song originated inJohnny Cash's happiest time. You can hear it.

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