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Once whilst on stage he went over to get a glass of water, and got too close
to an amplifier with his hand and got a little shock, he jumped and said:
"That thing's alive – do it again and I'll fall in love with you!!"

When kidding his fans about his little bitty guitar and sideburns etc., he
quaffed, "I was doing things when I was in diapers that Tom Jones is just
learning how to do!!"

At a concert in Chicago (June 1972) a bra was thrown on stage (most unusual
that!), Elvis picked it up, carried over to Sylvia and asked, "Lose
Then placing it on his head like an ear-muffs, he paraded across the stage
and sailed it back to its owner!!

Vegas 1971: Told his fans in the balcony that he would be up there in a few
minutes, then added, "I'm a lying fool!!"

One time a journalist showed him a picture taken in the shower from G.I.
Blues, and asked him how he felt about the prominence and display given to
his undraped torso. Elvis replied: "Well, if it helps to sell improved
plumbing to underdeveloped areas, I'm all for it!!"

When he was doing a show in Lakeland, September 1976, a lady put her six
month old baby right in front of him on the stage. The look on his face was
priceless, he just couldn't believe it.
He joked: "Do you know ladies and gentlemen, that was really funny, there I
am, shakin' it, rackin' it, and going crazy, and all of a sudden, a baby
appears right under my nose! Well I wasn't sure if it had just been born or
what! Oh well!"

Our Dear Elvis once cracked up a group of his fans outside his Trousdale
home, when he was asked if he owned a house in Palm Springs. His cute reply
was, "Oh we have a little pup tent we camp in on the roadside!"

One time in 1968 when Elvis was down by the Music Gates, a fan told him:
"You and Priscilla are lucky to have each other." Elvis said, "I keep
telling her that!" He then looked through a fan club book somebody had just
given him, pointed to one particular picture and said, "That was when I was
about 12."
One of Elvis' boys said "But the picture was only taken last year!" Elvis
laughed, "I was 12!"

A DJ from Florida, who was in the crowd, gave our man a gold lighter with a
watch or clock piece, on it and ELVIS PRESLEY engraved on it. It was lovely
and Elvis was touched by his kind gesture. He asked Elvis if he'd use it and
Elvis kidded him by saying, "If you see the house go up in flames about 12
00, you'll know I'm using it!"
Elvis was then asked who wore the pants, Elvis said, "Let Priscilla think
she does!" They asked, "Who really does." He said, "Welllll!"
Then fans also asked Elvis to say hello to Priscilla for them, he turned
towards the house and yelled, "Hello Priscilla!!" He just never ceased to
amaze me with that fantastic, crazy humour of his!

Once during a wild rendition of a song that featured Elvis gyrating and
shaking (drool, swoon, hysterics, etc), he laughed and said, "I feel like an
old stripper!"

And as he was kissing a few young girls sitting ringside, he reached for one
hand and discovered it belonged to a man! Laughingly Elvis said, "Oh, I beg
your pardon." Needless to say the bright lights from the camera (MGM were
there filming) impaired Elvis vision.
Vegas, August 1971: After singing  Polk  Salad  Annie, a voice called out
from the audience, "You're good, Elvis, but your band is too loud," Elvis
replied immediately, "C'mon man, your ears are too old!"
During Heartbreak Hotel at this show, he split his pants and promptly took
the fresh scarf from his neck and tied it around his leg where the rip was!
At a show in Atlanta, July 1973, a new member of Elvis' entourage, Emery
Gordy, was introduced as, "The only person on stage with a weirder name than
mine!" Later during the show, Elvis spotted a small boy, of about three
years old, in the front row with a white jumpsuit, cape and cardboard guitar
 Elvis had the spotlight put on him.
At the end of the show, Elvis' cape and belt found their way to the boy and
his mother! That's just so typical of our beautiful Elvis, isn't it?
Once whilst tuning his guitar, joked about the G-string not being right –
remarking, "Splitting your pants is bad enough, but when your G-string isn't
right, man, you're in trouble!"
Changed lyrics of Kentucky Rain to "showed your photograph to some old grey
bearded FOOLS!"
Introduced James Burton as "my favourite guitarist" and John Wilkinson as
"my least favourite"!
And once when a girl gave our man a skimpy pair of silk shorts, he quipped, "Honey, I appreciate the gesture but there ain't NO WAY that I'm gonna wear these!"

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