martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009


October 31,1940
Vernon Presley had to pay the tax of $11 for the Mississippi Road and Bridge Privilege. The car, a ten year old Chevrolet, with a six-horsepower engine had a market value of $50. The license plate was 49129.
October 31, 1954
Backstage Elvis met Oscar Davis, who told him how impressed he was with Elvis' performance at the Eagle's Nest.
Elvis also met the Jordanaires, who had a solo performance on the show as well. Elvis told them he hoped they would sing on his records someday.
October 31, 1956
Elvis had Natalie Wood flown in for a visit. During the evening Elvis and Nick Adams took her down to the Hotel Chisca to meet Dewey Philips.
October 31, 1970
Elvis was again in Palm Springs for the weekend and purchased ammunition, holsters and a grip for a Colt Cobra at Tiny's Gun Shop.

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