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October 28, 1955
Elvis performed at the Curtis Gordon's Ranch Club, Mobile, Alabama while Bill Bullock of RCA wires the Colonel that $ 25.000 is as high as RCA can go for Elvis' contract.
October 28, 1956
Elvis attended a rehearsal for the show to unveil a big cut-out of him on the top of the Times Square Paramount Theater promoting the premiere of Love Me Tender.

He also gave a press conference, which he handled in a "polite, personable, quick-witted and charming" manner. About his influence on teenagers Elvis stated: " My Bible tells me that what he sows he will also reap, and if I'm sowing evil and wickedness it will catch up with me. If I did think I was bad for people, I would go back to driving a truck, and I really mean this".

Elvis got inoculated with the new polio vaccine as part of a public service announcement for the March of Dimes.

At the Maxine elliot Theater, West Thirty-ninth Street, at 8.00 p.m. Elvis sung Don't Be Cruel, Love Me, Love Me Tender and Hound Dog. This was his second appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.
October 28, 1957
Elvis performed at the Pan Pacific Auditorium, Los Angeles, California and outraged not only the press, but also an audience filled with Hollywood celebrities and their children.
The headlines declared: Elvis Presley Will Have to Clean Up His Show Or Go To Jail.
Even the Colonel was warned about consequences, but Elvis remained unfazed. He just said: "if I don't dance tonight, maybe I don't have to take a shower tonight".
October 28, 1976
Since Elvis would return home any time from his 7th tour, the RCA recording truck was parked behind Graceland.

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